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I’ve played with starting a tech blog for a while and finally did it! Here are the resources I’m presenting at the eLCC conference in Vail.


scriblink –
Free online whiteboard that allows users to collaborate in real-time. No registration required. Built-in chat, image uploading, file sharing and more.

Etherpad –
Lets multiple people work on the same text simultaneously

Twiddla –
No setup, web-based meeting playground. Try it in their sandbox or start a new meeting.

Firedoodle –
is a Firefox extension that adds white board functionality to any website. This link has a demo that explains how firedoodle works.

Video Sharing, Viewing, Editing

Viddler –
Upload as many videos as you want, record videos directly to the site using your webcam, and share your videos with RSS and iTunes. FREE

Vimeo –
Video sharing site. Can get the Vimeo or Vimeo Plus package

Prism file converter –
Convert videos to different file format or compress videos

Academic Earth –
Video lectures from the world’s top scholars


Image Software

IrfanView –
Simple graphics program that lets you quickly resize images

Google Sketch Up –
Create, modify and share 3D models


Communication Tools

Eye Jot –
Video mail. Nothing to install and for now it’s free –
Instant messaging everywhere. Has login for aim, yahoo, myspace and msn on meebo homepage. –
Have you ever tried to email a PowerPoint presentation or a large video file and have it bounce back to you? Do you need to send only a couple of files now and then? This online program will let you upload a large file without registering. –
For this service, you need to register. Check the limits and if you send a lot of large files it might be worth it to upgrade your account.

gcast –
Audio Recording using telephone


Organization –
Helps you organize with the tools you already use. Add your notes, files, bookmarks, webclips and ideas from anywhere.

Page Zipper –’s too short to spend clicking Next. Can install or it’s a Firefox extension

My Stickies –
Firefox add-on. MyStickies allows you to place sticky notes all over the web and organize them with tags. You can view, sort and edit your notes with our free web based tool at…


Converting, Compressing and Cool Stuff

Pdf to word –

A pdf compressor –
There are limits on the free usage, so make sure you check before you use it. A free tool to convert any webpage to a pdf document –
Capture your computer screen and audio and then share your recording online

Jot Form –
First web based WYSIWYG Form builder –
A search engine – cool image features.


Mac Users

Free and open-source software is good for you and good for the world. This is the best free Mac software that we know of.



Bump Top – –
Transform your desktop with Bump Top. Create a desktop that suits your needs and style.


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